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Which AI Tools are Gaining Popularity in the Philippines?

Updated: May 22

So this winning AI campaign by Impact Construction Inc. made the rounds on socials recently. It is timely, relevant, punchy.

So while AI isn’t capable of overtaking certain tasks, as marketers, as leaders and if you are in business, we must embrace AI as it is predicted to revolutionize all major industries in the coming years. It is, most likely an indispensable tool that will help efficiently optimize processes and workflows. While there are still some “workflaws” to AI there are many benefits to early adaptors as it allows for businesses to provide speed and ease in doing what are otherwise pertinent tasks in daily business.

In the Philippines it is said that less than 10% have embraced AI but with international IT Firms dubbing the Philippines as a “maturing market” nonetheless.

With that said, here are just a few useful AI tools for businesses in the Philippines.

ChatGPT – a virtual assistant that utilizes machine learning platforms to learn algorithms to understand and respond to user queries and can be integrated as chatbots, virtual asistants, integrated in customer service systems. ChatGPT’s primary purpose is to assist people in finding answers to their questions and providing information on various topics.

Grammarly – a writing tool that help users with their writing (spelling, punctuations and grammar). Its machine learning algorithms enables the platform and the user to pre-select tone, writing styles (from business / formal reports to creative writing)

Canva – The popular graphic design platform uses AI image generator feature that allows one to search for images or visuals content for products or ideas. A crowd favorite is the “Background remover” that uses AI algorithms to accurately remove the background of an image saving users the time and effort that once plagued marketers or graphic artists t of having to use photo editing softwares.

ChatBot – ChatBot by LiveChat is an AI-powered chatbot platform designed to automate conversations with website visitors and customers. It allows businesses to create and customize their chatbots using simple drag-and-drop visual builders. It is indeed useful for marketers and has allowed those with no coding experience to efficiently and quickly create their own customized chatbot.

Dall-E2 – an innovative image generating tool it has the capability of producing highly detailed and realistic images based on textual descriptions provided by users and the program is capable of generating images of objects, characters, and even scenes that do not exist. It is both fascinating and mind-boggling. Marketers often use it to create eye-catching marketing materials and even create products around this tool.

In truth, AI has reached all of us. We are probably using a lot of business tools we weren’t fully aware are AI generators or enhanced by it be it we are tech-savvy or not.

Anna Medina  together with her partner Ria Ancheta are two self-proclaimed black sheep, that are on a quest to demystify digital marketing. Together, they have started Let us know what is on your mind email us at

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